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Please select from the table below the factory controller setting for your unit and download the pdf if required.

You may also like to refer to the controller manual

Controller Manuals

  Dairy Wine Meat Produce Frozen
Dixell single compressor

pdf 95.76 KB

Dixell twin compressor pdf 95.47 KB        
Dixell single compressor pdf109.06 KB   pdf 105.66 KB    
Dixell twin compressor pdf106.6 KB   pdf 106.21 KB    
RDM Mercury twin compressor pdf 110.58 KB     pdf 110.79 KB  
V Series Wine Chiller          
Carel   pdf31.98 KB      
Carel         pdf92.54 KB
RDM Mercury         pdf111.38 KB
RDM Pro-123         pdf182.33 KB
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