Verco launches new energy-efficient glass-door freezer cabinet

Quebec Q3CC 314pxTo meet a growing environmental trend towards specifying glass-door cabinets, Verco Limited has launched a new three-model range of integral freezer cabinets with increased merchandising space that has been designed with input from leading supermarket chains.

At 2111mm high and 900mm deep, the three-model Quebec range consists of a single-door Q1XL with an overall cabinet width of 868mm; a two-door Q2CC (overall cabinet width 1636mm); and a three-door Q3CC (overall cabinet width 2454mm). The two- and three-door models feature a shelf width of 710mm. The single-door Q1XL features a shelf width of 760mm, a massive 100mm wider than Verco’s Richmond cabinet.

Comparing the new cabinet with Verco’s existing Richmond (R-CC) glass-door cabinet, Verco’s development director Mike Nicholls says that the Quebec’s facts and figures speak for themselves: “Not only have we been able to maximise merchandising space within the cabinet, we have significantly reduced the Quebec’s energy consumption by an average of more than 30%.”

Compared to equivalent Richmond cabinets the gross refrigerated volumes of the Quebec models are increased by 27.1% for the Q1XL, 18.4% for the Q2CC; and 17.9% for the Q3CC. The increase for the single-door Q1XL is significantly larger than the two- and three-door models because it is proportionally wider – the XL designation highlighting the extra width and therefore volume.

All Quebec glass-door freezer cabinets offer an LT1 temperature rating suitable for ice cream products and are charged as standard with Honeywell’s new environmentally-friendly R407f synthetic refrigerant, which Verco has selected for its combination of zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) and 50% reduction in GWP (global warming potential) compared to its R404a predecessor. It is also claimed to offer end-users significant energy savings, with some quoting up to 20% savings at chill temperature.

In addition, Verco is offering vertical LED strip lighting as standard on the new Quebec range; and has also listed it as an option across the company’s entire range of cabinets, including the open-chill Cambridge and Kingston ranges; and the Henley, Richmond, Verwood and Dorking glass-door models.

For further information on the launch of the Quebec, call Verco on 01491 839966, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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