SES K195 CADIntroduction of stabilised environmental system

Just months after announcing a series of enhancements across its range, Verco has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to research and development with the introduction of a stabilised environmental system (SES) that will be optional across its range of integral chillers and freezers.

Verco has designed SES to help actively control a store’s ambient temperature by introducing warm air from an integral cabinet’s compressor or cool air from the case itself, to maintain a comfortable environment for customers and staff.

Explaining how the system operates, Verco development director Mike Nicholls says: ”In addition to the standard air-cooled condenser installed in our integral cabinets, SES cabinets are fitted with a second, water-cooled condenser. During warm-weather cool air from the cabinet’s normal operation is used to reduce the store’s ambient temperature. At the same time, heat that is not required is rejected via the coolant for the water-cooled condenser, which is supplied from a remotely-sited water chiller. When external temperatures drop heat from the cabinet’s compressor is directed into the store via the air-cooled condenser.

The system, which can be charged using standard R404a or environmentally-friendly Care 45 (R1270) refrigerants, does not require specialised installation, commissioning, maintenance or service; and can be easily relocated if necessary. SES also helps to reduce the external noise pollution associated with standard remote installations.

Summing up, Mike Nicholls says: “We are confident that by opting for SES with their Verco integral cabinets, customers will make significant energy and environmental savings.”

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