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With the bosses of the UK's leading energy companies telling the Energy Committee recently that bills are likely to rise significantly in the coming years (see BBC News website for more details), it seems that 'energy efficiency', 'carbon footprint' and 'energy reduction' are likely to remain buzz words for many businesses for the forseeable future!

Later this year, Verco Ltd will celebrate its 50th anniversary of designing and manufacturing fridges and freezer display cases in the UK.

Verco launches new energy-efficient glass-door freezer cabinet

Quebec Q3CC 314pxTo meet a growing environmental trend towards specifying glass-door cabinets, Verco Limited has launched a new three-model range of integral freezer cabinets with increased merchandising space that has been designed with input from leading supermarket chains.

SES K195 CADIntroduction of stabilised environmental system

Just months after announcing a series of enhancements across its range, Verco has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to research and development with the introduction of a stabilised environmental system (SES) that will be optional across its range of integral chillers and freezers.

It's a Kingston but not as we know it!

dorking run close 240pxIn response to a growing environmental trend towards supermarkets retrofitting glass doors to open chill cabinets, Verco is launching the Dorking: a new hinged glass-door version of its renowned Kingston open-chill cabinet.

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