Verco head officeFounded in 1965, Verco quickly built a reputation for supplying quality refrigerated glass door and open chill cabinets to supermarkets, convenience and forecourt stores. We are now a leading supplier of retail refrigeration and the largest UK manufacturer of glass door cabinets.

80% of the content of our cabinets is manufactured at our Oxfordshire factory where flow line manufacturing enables us to process orders efficiently, yet gives us the flexibility to produce cabinets with 'Integrated Styling'

We are certified to ISO9001 (2008) quality standard, which extends to the design, manufacturing, service and maintenance of all our open chill and glass door refrigerated cabinets.

Recognising that many customers are committed to environmental policies, we constantly monitor environmentally friendly materials in order to respond to changing specifications. We have a CFC-free foam plant for cabinet insulation and have standardised on the friendliest refrigerants available for integral cabinets and have added R1270 refrigerant as an option on our open chilled plug-in cabinet range.

We continue to work with all our suppliers to ensure that Verco cabinets remain the most environmentally friendly available.

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